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“Esther Verhaegh-Harsono is the person and brain behind SHAPES. Please watch the video to find out how her knowledge and expertise can help you”.

GenAI – Data management – Validation

“Don’t trust AI ! To effectively utilize GenAI, human intervention is essential. Explore how Esther Verhaegh-Harsono’s expertise can be useful in this role. In the video, you’ll find some examples what she has accomplished at Philips Healthcare and Heineken”.

Quality Assurance

Esther Verhaegh-Harsono’s experience with quality assurance, from food safety to compliance with standards, began at Mars and extended to Leen Bakker, where she played a key role in establishing standard packaging quality. She later leveraged this expertise to develop online training for packaging supplier auditors at Heineken.

Creativity –
Design ability

“As a creative individual blessed with design talent, Esther Verhaegh-Harsono has skilfully designed and delivered a variety of packaging solutions, ranging from Go Tan crispy onion packaging to various types of packaging for the non-food and food industries. Beyond packaging, her drive for self-development and affinity for new technologies have made her an accomplished instructional designer and e-learning creator.”

Entrepreneurship – Sustainability

“As an expert in packaging, Esther Verhaegh-Harsono is keenly aware of sustainability issues and the problem of waste. She participated in the review panel for Plastic Smart Cities  – to reduce ocean pollution. Her entrepreneurial journey includes the launch of Patisserie4Dogs, an innovative project focused on rejuvenating obsolete products and packaging for new market opportunities. This initiative not only highlights her creativity but also her dedication to sustainability. The video provides an insight into the story behind Patisserie4Dogs and its role in reducing waste.”

Project leadership – SCRUM Master

“Taking the lead in project management, Esther Verhaegh-Harsono excels in AGILE, hybrid, and traditional waterfall methods. The video showcases her adaptability and success in her roles as project manager, coordinator, team coach, and sparring partner to management at Leen Bakker, Philips Medical Systems, and Tegema.”

"Giving SHAPES to your project from scratch to realization"